Unhappy with your smile? You are not alone. Many people have imperfections that cause them to dislike their smile for one reason or another. The good news is that you can improve your smile and get back the smile that you love. Check out five ideas to improve your smile on the list below and take back your healthy smile.

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1.    Change Your Diet: Do you eat a lot of staining foods? Dark-colored foods can cause permanent staining to the teeth. You can purchase at home whitening kits or visit the dentist for help, but it is better to include these foods (and drinks, too) from the diet altogether.

2.    Brush Your Teeth: The most important dental care tip we all need to remember is to brush our teeth. Two times per day is all that it takes to prevent cavities and an array of oral health concerns.

3.    Dental Veneers: Available from the cosmetic dentist, dental veneers are thin tooth-colored wafers placed over the tooth to hide imperfections and prevent future damage. The long-lasting dental appliance improves a person’s smile in just one dental visit.

4.    Dental Implants: Another cosmetic dentistry service, dental implants near me pleasant prairie replace a missing tooth or teeth with a natural-looking implant that is attached to the jaw bone. Most people prefer them over dentures because they look real and are more comfortable, among other perks.

5.    Protect Your Teeth: Our teeth can easily be damaged if they are hit or objects hit them. This can easily occur when playing sports and during other contact activities. Mouthguards and other items prevent injury and damage to the teeth. Wear them at all times!

Preventing oral health concerns is much easier with the above tips in mind. Protect your beautiful smile at all costs!