Just ask the so-called blue-collar worker. Just ask the migratory season laborer or farmhand. Farmhand; now there is a job description for the ages. And just ask the medical surgeon. Just one slip and what was previously a life and death moment becomes something of a shiver down the spine. It could very well happen that you do experience a tingling sensation. This could occur within the spine.

Although you would hardly recognize it as such. Because that is all it really is. Just a slight sensation. It is over and done with within a moment. And once passed, work carries on. Some slight discomfort in the hands, even a sudden bout of stiffness, is easily surpressed. There is no real discomfort to cause immediate alarm. And there is no pain either. What must the worker do other than to continue with his work?

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The job must be done and the worker must be paid. But if he loses the complete loss of his hands, he loses his ability to earn a meaningful livelihood. And what must he do if he cannot put food on the table. In the event of injury in the workplace where there is indeed pain and grievance, hand surgery Houston procedures would of course not be ignored. That pain and loss is immediate. The sense of urgency is there.

But it is so dangerously different when such sensations are so gradual and hardly felt. Over time, it gets worse. And before you know it, the worker has lost the use of his hands owing to the fact that the damage may have become irreparable. So then. Let that be a lesson for today. Even if it is just so slight, try not to ignore it.