substance abuse clinic colorado springs

Going to regular AA meetings like a true disciple does have its drawbacks. Reciting alone at night the famous serenity prayer can have its pains and frustrations. The reality is is that these forums do not always work. The alcohol enslaved gentleman is still prone to falling off of the wagon. And the drug enslaved college grad is not always able to survive the cruel sweat of the cold turkey. A more scientific and holistic but workable and practical and pragmatic series of approaches could be taken when the sufferer commits himself to a range of substance abuse clinic colorado springs tests and consultations.

This, of course, is not an overnight cure for those addictive ills. The reality is still there. The drug addiction, the alcohol addiction, could lay dormant for the rest of the addict’s life. And that might just be a good thing. Just as long as the bottle or the pipe is never touched again. The thing about the substance abuse clinical trials and therapies is to train the body and mind to never miss a day of being enslaved.

The idea is to help create so many new but healthy distractions. Support groups are all very well but the danger always remains. There could be self-loathing. Or a mutual distrust could still creep in. You are all human. People make mistakes. People have feelings. So too the sponsor. A far more holistic approach needs to be taken to the issue of drug and alcohol addiction, not forgetting that there are still so many others that allow for dangerous levels of self-denial in more ways than one.

A healthy appetite means nothing if it becomes a wholehearted addiction to food. An interest in sex means nothing if it is craved day in and day out.